Fat Dissolving & Body Contouring

Fat dissolving (Slimming by INNO)

Our Fat dissolving treatment utilises injections of a natural substance to help shift stubborn pockets of fat, which are not easily removed by diet or exercise.

Lipolityc Mesotherapy treatment is highly effective for reducing localised fat deposits, coupled with regeneration and improvement of skin elasticity. Areas of treatment using

Fat Dissolving Injections include knees, thighs, hips, abdomen and “double chin”.


How Many treatments will I need?
This will depend on each area and the amount of work needed. We normally work as 1 treatment for a Double Chin.

Does it hurt?
We will use a small injection into the area. It is very pain free treatment.

Will I see an immediate effect?
Based on our clients and feedback treatment shows after 10 days.

Can I have more than 1 treatment per week?
We recommend a treatment every 2 weeks if needed.
This my take several treatments for your desired look

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